San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

About Vineyards in the Sierra de Santa Rosa

In this colonial destination, not everything is architecture and gastronomy, but it is also becoming increasingly known in the world for its vineyards and excellent wines that are produced in this region of the country. Walk from Dolores Hidalgo to San Miguel de Allende the vineyards where you will learn about the care of the grapes, the production process and finally taste a good Guanajuato wine.

Vineyards offering tours

Vinícola Toyan

Located in Carr. San Miguel de Allende - Querétaro km 8,5
Tour: Minimum 2 people (adults)
Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 4 pm
Cost: $ 22 usd per person ($ 15 usd without tasting and $ 36 usd with buffet food)
Tel: 415 152-7400

Two owls

Located in Carr. San Miguel de Allende - Querétaro km 6
Tour: Minimum 2 people (adults)
Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm (by appointment)
Cost: We offer several wine tasting options ranging from $ 20 usd to $ 34 usd

Earth Cradle

Located in Carr. Dolores Hidalgo - San Luis de la Paz km 11.5
Tour by reservation
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm
Tel: 415 152 6060