Circuito de los Manzanos No. 250, San José del Cerrito
Morelia, Michoacán
Interior of San Miguelito Restaurant
approximate cost
69 usd
per Class
Schedule: The Class begins from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs

About Culinary Workshop Zirita

In this workshop, you will not only learn how to make the most typical Michoacan dishes in a small group of apprentices with the most experienced and knowledgeable cooks, it also offers you a culinary experience through gastronomic and cultural tours in surrounding cities and towns. Therefore, in addition to learning to cook and eat rich, you will enjoy the full experience.

More Information

There are 3 types of classes:

Traditional class (this is the only class that teaches the Master Benedicta)
Conventual class
Ingredient class

The dining experience lasts 8 hours, with the meeting point in the Mercado San Juan.

To conduct classes there must be a minimum of 5 people.

Reports in the San Miguelito Restaurant, Camelinas s/n