Carr. Apan - Tlaxco km 9,
Tlaxco, Tlaxcala
Located 9 km (5.5 miles) of Tlaxco, in the direction to Apan
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Tours with Prior Reservation
Schedule: Open daily, from 9 am to 2 pm

About Xochuca Farm

A farm that produces the nectar of the gods, you walk among the maguey while listening to an explanation of the development of pulque. You can also experience the topping of the maguey, mixiote extracting honey and water, through the house, tlatloyo taste pulque and water and honey.
It is a way to relive the past through this ancient beverage that was made exclusively by nobles, priests and kings before Cologne.


Guided visit to the heart of the Maguey: Meyolohtli

During the tour you will know the whole process of elaboration of Pulque, from the extraction of mead from the maguey, where you can taste freshly extracted mead, while listening to a brief history of the hacienda and important data for the cultivation of the maguey. Later they will take you to the tinacal of the hacienda to understand the process of fermentation of the mead that becomes pulque, where you can also enjoy the natural pulque. Finally, they are offered in the dining room of the Hacienda Tlacoyos de Arbejón and Agua de Jamaica.

Approximate duration of the Tour: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

$ 6 usd (per person)

Guided tour Meyolohtli and typical food Xochuca

Tour of the Hacienda and Food
It includes: The mentioned in the previous description, food of typical dishes of the maguey accompanied by a pulque drink.

Approximate Tour Duration: 3 hours

$ 15 usd (per person)

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